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Media Luna, International Sales Agent in Guadalajara

Media Luna's lineup of predominantly women-centric and Spanish language films is very attractive for Ficg's upcoming market this March 6 - 16th.

"Flocking" by Beata Gårdeler won the Crystal Bear for Best Feature at Berlinale 2015

Synopsis: The small village community is convinced that the young Jennifer is lying, when she claims to have been raped by classmate Alexander. Evidence and court decisions mean nothing, where grown-up people lay down their own rules and laws to stick with the flock.

(Sweden 2015; Drama/Thriller) Based on true stories.

"Two Women" by Vera Glagoleva. Starring Ralph Fiennes ("The Grand Budapest Hotel," "The English Patient") and Sylvie Testud ("La Vie en Rose," "Lourdes")

Synopsis: Natalya is married to a land baron. Her feelings for her son’s attractive new tutor will confront her with her own daughter and turn her devoted life into a complex web of unappreciated love, lust and jealousy. (Russia, France, Latvia 2014; Drama)

"3 Beauties"(3 Bellezas) by Carlos Caridad-Montero (Venezuela 2014; Comedy) Miss Venezuela. When obsession for beauty and cosmetic surgery is taken too far.

Synopsis:Perla is obsessed with having a beauty queen in the family and she is willing to do whatever it takes to make her dream come true. Including destroying her own family.

"No Thank You" by Samuli Valkama (Finland 2014; Comedy) - Based on the Anna-Leena Härkönen bestseller, “Ei Kiitos”, published by Otava, the novel now exceeds 110.000 printed exemplars and "No Thank You" became a Box Office hit in Finland!

Synopsis: Heli’s husband is not in the mood. After many years of marriage a shoulder massage is the highest form of intimacy for him. When subtle hints, nice words and fetching clothes won’t help, Heli turns to increasingly direct action — in vain! Then she meets the attractive Jarno, a stunning young man. Soon she will discover what she wants, and what she doesn’t want in life.

"The Mud Woman" (La Mujer de Barro) by Sergio Castro San Martín (Chile & Argentina 2015; Drama) Starring Catalina Saavedra (Best actress at Sundace Film Festival for “The Maid”) World Premiere at Berlinale Forum 2015.

Synopsis: Maria and her daughter Teresa leave near the border between Chile and Argentina. Ten years have passed, since she last worked in the vineyard's harvest season. Now Maria has to earn some extra money and decides to return at the plantation… not knowing she will have to face her unsolved past.

"Baby Steps" by Barney Cheng (USA, Taiwan 2015; Comedy/Drama) From Oscar-winning producer of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," "Eat Drink Man Woman" and "The Wedding Banquet" by Ang Lee. Starring the award-winning actress Ah-Leh Gua ("The Wedding Banquet" and" Eat Drink Man Woman").

Synopsis: Danny and his boyfriend long to have a baby. The complex world of international surrogacy is further complicated by Danny's well-meaning but extremely meddlesome Mother who wants to control every aspect of the process all the way from Taipei.

"Internet Junkie" by Alexander Katzowicz (Argentina, Mexico & Israel 2015; Dark Comedy/Erotic) Starring Antonio Birabent ("Wild Tango"), Angela Molina ("That Obscure Object of Desire," "The Things of Love") and special appearance of Arturo Ripstein (Director of "No One Writes to the Colonel," "The Queen of the Night")

Synopsis: Inside the virtual world... A soldier looking for lovers, a teenager searching for porn, a mother in need of friends, a graduated looking for a job, women waiting to find the love of their life and the best –or any- lover in the area... outside the virtual world no one is what they seem.

"Get Married If You Can" (Casese Quien Pueda) by Marco Polo Constandse (Mexico 2014; Comedy) Box Office hit in Mexico! - Third highest-grossing film of all time – Starring Martha Higadera ("Street Kings," "Amar te duele"), Luis Gerardo Méndez ("Cantinflas") and Michel Brown ("Pasión de Gavilanes" – TV)

Synopsis: Ana is obsessed with her big dream wedding. Daniela is focused on her career, no time for marriage. When Ana finds out her fiancé is cheating on her and Daniela falls in love with her best friend they discover that the only true path to marriage is love.

"Sweet Girls" by Jean-Paul Cardinaux & Xavier Ruiz (Switzerland 2015; Dark Comedy) Generational clash, when a hopeless young generation meet an aged population.

Synopsis: Elodie and Marie are two teenagers that face the lack of opportunities offered by the housing crisis. They come up to an extreme solution: empty the apartments unjustly occupied by “the old people” who, at her eyes, are responsible of the current social imbalance. In this journey, they will discover that there are human beings, just as lost and forgotten by society as they are.

"Perfect Obedience" (Obediencia Perfecta) by Luis Urquiza (Mexico 2014; Drama) Based on a true story, the scandal related to the priest Marcial Maciel, the Head of "The Legion of Christ” (Los Legionarios de Cristo). Montreal (Best Film), Cine Ceará (Best Director, Best Actor)

Synopsis: A young seminarian will endure a hard spiritual journey to reach Perfect Obedience. His mentor, captivated by his fragility and innocence, will guide him to complete psychological and physical surrender.

"Buzzard" by Joel Potrykus (USA 2014; Dark Comedy, Drama) Joel Potrykus won Best Emerging Director and Special Mention for Best First Feature at Locarno 2012 for his film “Ape”. At this year’s Locarno, he won Special Mention from the Independent Juries and Prices in 2014 for his new feature “Buzzard”.

Synopsis: Marty is a small-time con artist drifting from one scam to the next. When his latest ruse goes awry, mounting paranoia forces him to leave his lousy temp job and hide out in his co-worker's basement. Until eventually he flees to Detroit with nothing but a pocket full of bogus checks, his Power Glove, and a bad temper.

"Unlucky Plaza" by Ken Kwek (Singapore 2014; Thriller, Dark Comedy) Ken Kwek’s previous compilation of shortfilms “Sex.Violence.FamilyValues - three dirrty stories from the world's cleanest city-“ was banned by the Singapore and Malaysia government in 2012. World Premiere Toronto 2014.

Synopsis: Sky has a debt to the mafia and hopes to convince his wife to sell her parent’s flat. Looking for a way out, she rents the flat to an evicted single father, while unintentionally setting into motion a series of unfortunate events.

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