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Review: Joyless Rebellion In Joel Potrykus's Hilarious, Disturbing Buzzard

BAMcinématek at the Bam Rose Cinemas will present a special advance screening of Joel Potrykus' Buzzard on March 4th, followed by a Q&A with the director and screenings of his previous two films, Coyote and Ape. Please visit Bam website for tickets.Joel Potrykus reconfirms his reputation as a 'real deal' in American indie scene with searingly funny and original Buzzard, the conclusion of his animal trilogy after Coyote and Ape, again, starring his muse, the incomparable Joshua Burge, as an angry social miscreant. Enter the world of Marty Jackitansky (Burge) - a $9.50/hr indefinite temp at a mortgage company in Grand Rapids, Mi. When he's not procrastinating at being an office drone, his life at home consists of TV dinners, corn chips, mountain dew, heavy...

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