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From odd jobs to film director by Richard Mowe

A cinema career in his sights - Matteo Oleotto: "I have always thought that, for your first film, you have to focus on something that you know very well."

Italian director Matteo Oleotto, whose first feature Zoran, My Nephew The Idiot (Zoran, Il Mio Nipote Scemo) receives its premiere as part of the Italian Film Festival this weekend (Glasgow Gft, 7 March, Edinburgh Filmhouse, 8 March and Inverness 13 March) had a chequered background before finally deciding to devote himself to film-making.

He worked in a call-centre, spent time as a lifeguard, joined a removals company, and was also involved in a carwash, assembling micro-components, and was a night assistant in a psychiatric hospital. He has also served as a waiter, an assistant cook, a gardener, a basketball referee, a hotel porter and a swimming instructor.

After he graduated in acting from the Nico Pepe Academy of Dramatic Arts in Udine and

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