Giovanni Gopradi talks Drama, Comedy, and getting kicked in the chest by Kevin James

Giovanni Gopradi is a public speech fearing law student turned commited actor. In just two years he acted in 30 different films which required over a hundred casting calls. He's already built up an impressively diverse body of work, from playing in shorts and personal films to taking on Hollywood slapstick like Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. I got the chance to discuss his approach to acting, and his rapidly growing, diverse resume. Check it out!

Q. You seem to transition a lot from light hearted comedies/dramas to very serious roles. Can that be a jarring transition? Or do you take it quite naturally?

I correlate it to like, a normal event that happens in everyones life. When you goto a party the mindset is that you’re joking around and having a good time, and when there’s a death in the family that mindset changes. And it really depends

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