Tff 2015: Tribeca Film Festival Announces 2015 Line-up For Viewpoints Section

The innovative Viewpoints section celebrates the distinctive visions of its innovative voices and will feature 27 unique and fascinating films of self-discovery and self-definition from 12 countries. Some films are personally intimate and identity seeking such as Gregory Kohn’s soul-searching drug trip Come Down Molly and Patrick O’Brien’s Transfatty Lives that documents his heroic efforts to maintain his creative self in the face of a devastating Als diagnosis.

Other stories of identity take on larger implications such as Orion: The Man Who Would Be King, which raises questions about personal –v- public identity, fame, and legacy through the story of a mysterious masked singer many believed to be Elvis back from the dead. There are also coming of age viewpoints – either taken in adolescence or adulthood like the young women of Being 14 and the rough-and-tumble boys of King Jack, who claw their ways towards adulthood within the war zones of puberty and high school,

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