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Best of the Week: Comics

Southern Cross #1′- Roommate Problems in Space

Have you ever seen or met someone that you are sure is suspicious or not to be trusted? Then, they keep showing up in your life for some reason or another. Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger take this every day human problem and combine it with interplanetary space travel and a high-tech mystery in Southern Cross #1. Southern Cross is actually the huge, crowded tanker that the protagonist Alex takes to the distant moon of Titan to get the body and effects of her sister Amber, a big-wig for the oil company… read the full article.

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #16 is a return to form for the series

With Spider-Verse finally over, Peter Parker finally gets to return to the streets of New York for a smaller, more grounded adventure. But after being gone for so long, can Peter repair the damage that’s been done in his absence…

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