Radhika Apte: After Badlapur people are giving me soft-p@@n roles

Radhika Apte may be tagged as the next 'bold queen' of Bollywood, considering her roles in films like Badlapur and Hunterrr. However, she hardly cares for what people deem about her. She gives a damn to their perception.

She says, "I don't give it so much importance. I genuinely don't. It's just people's perception what can I do after a point. I am not going to do much to change their perception or I want to do is not get typecast. I just want to do my own work."

Radhika, who played saree-clad quintessential characters in the films like Shor In The City and Rakhta Charitra, says that people change their perception accordingly.

"When I did Shor In The City, people thought I can do only saree-clad roles on-screen. And I cannot look anything else but a sari-clad lower middle class family woman and now the same people are giving

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