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The Following season 3 episode 3: Exposed

As gruesome and fun as the rest of The Following's killers are, season three is sorely lacking one Mr Joe Carroll...

This review contains spoilers.

3.3. Exposed

Three episodes into The Following, and we've yet to see Joe Carroll. Sure, he's been talked about, and the events behind last season's Lily/Joe shenanigans have been the subject of many discussions and a Congressional hearing, but they're taking their time introducing Joe back into the world. It's coming, and I believe he's behind all of what's happening thus far, but it remains to be seen just what role Joe is going to play and just how this is all going to end up with him escaping police custody to resume his killing spree. For now, let's concern ourselves with the killers we have, not the killer we're waiting on.

The foremost murderer we have at this point is Neil, the mammoth

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