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Evermoor to return for new series

The Disney Channel has announced that it will produce a 22-part series of The Evermoor Chronicles, a live-action drama about a teenage girl who moves from the Us to start a new life in the spooky Evermoor Manor.

The four episode miniseries Evermoor, proved to be a ratings hit when it launched on Disney Channel UK last October. The four-parter attracted over 1.6 million viewers, making it Disney Channel UK’s second highest rated series.

Naomi Sequeira, a Disney Channel Australia graduate, will return as lead character Tara Crossley and the series, which explores “themes of teen friendship, family and romance, against the backdrop of a strange and mysterious world”, will continue to follow her adventures and her search to uncover the mysteries of the founding Everines. The series will feature characters from the first series, which included Georgia Locke, Jordan Loughran, George Sear and Finney Cassidy, as well as introduce

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