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‘Applecart’ Review

Stars: Dave Parker, Haley Jay Madison, Alison Egan, Erin R. Ryan, Joni Durian, Josh Miller, Brandon Salkil | Written and Directed by Dustin Mills

If there’s one thing you can say about director Dustin Mills, it’s that he never ceases to surprise… From the puppet-based terrors of Easter Casket, Puppet Monster Massacre and Snuffet, to the living-dead horrors of Bath Salt Zombies and Zombie A-Hole; to his foray into Grindhouse-esque exploitation via his Crumpleshack Films shingle – of which Applecart is the latest release – the man crosses genres, bends stereotypes and mixes tropes unlike any other filmmaker I can think of working today.

His work, despite the independent ethos behind it, is – at its core – the very antithesis of the auteur theory. Which means you never truly know what to expect from his movies; and I certainly never expected this!

Applecart is a strange beast. A portmanteau film connected by ideas of love,

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