Hong Kong 2015 Review: Two Thumbs Up, A Delightfully Gonzo Heist Flick

Long-time screenwriter Lau Ho Leung (Painted Skin, Kung Fu Jungle) makes his directorial debut in this energetic action comedy following a gang of thieves who masquerade as cops to pull off a heist, only to encounter a rival posse with the exact same idea. Francis Ng and Simon Yam head up the cast, which sets its sights firmly on local audiences, delivering a winning combination of humour, action and camaraderie that transcends its budgetary limitations.After a 16-year stretch in a Malaysian prison, Big F (Francis Ng) returns to Hong Kong and tracks down his former partners in crime. Flamboyant hair stylist Johnnie T (Patrick Tam), short-sighted minibus driver East L (Mark Cheng) and washed-up bowling alley caretaker Crazy B (Simon Yam) are initially reluctant to...

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