Ursula Le Guin interview: sci-fi and fantasy snobbery, adaptations & trouble-making

We spoke to seminal Us fantasy and sci-fi author Ursula Le Guin about her career, radicalism, literary influence and more…

A Wizard Of Earthsea. The Left Hand Of Darkness. The Lathe Of Heaven. The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas. The Dispossessed. Ursula Le Guin may not thank me for listing them (“Everybody wants to go back to the older stuff, come on now! I’ve written some really good stuff recently! I don’t want to get stuck in reminiscing”) but the novels and short stories she published in the sixties and seventies are undeniable sci-fi and fantasy classics.

Le Guin has nourished imaginative literature for decades with fine, precise prose and political provocation. She’s also spent years clear-headedly defending sci-fi and fantasy against the kind of people who turn up their noses up at books with dragons on their covers and maps in their title pages.


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