Farah Goes Bang | Review

Impeach My Bush: Menon’s Debut a Spirited Period Road Trip

Exploring a provocative dark chapter in the voting tendencies of the United States general public by revisiting the 2004 presidential elections, where incumbent George W. Bush defeated Senator John Kerry for a second term, director Meera Menon’s debut, Farah Goes Bang is clearly not meant to appease denizens of those red states. Instead, it perhaps recalls a distinct moment in time for those that valiantly fought against a tide of regression to support an unlikely candidate, as seen through the eyes of a woman of Iranian heritage on a spirited road trip to garner last minute votes in the swing state of Ohio. Much more than a mere political statement, Menon crafts a low-key character arc around an impressionable two week period that feels much less detrimental in retrospect.

Three friends drop what they’re doing to go on

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