Do You Love Satire? Watch This New Web Series!

After sharpening his satirical wit on “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart’s Lead Muslim Correspondent Aasif Mandvi is bringing the Internet a new kind of spoof, the likes of which we’ve never seen, courtesy of Funny Or Die. Starring Mandvi as a Bill Cosby-esque patriarch, Sakina Jaffrey (“House of Cards”) as his sitcom-exasperated wife (“Oh, Aasif!” is exclaimed derisively in each episode), Nicky Maindiratta, and Shoba Narayanan, “Halal in the Family,” follows an all-American Muslim family. Using the guise of humor, the series tackles issues many Muslim-Americans face. Just to give you an idea, the credits feature Jaffrey hanging up a bathing suit with the American flag, and neighbors picket and protest when they think the family’s house is mosque. “Using some of that humor and the tropes of an all-American sitcom, we wanted to address these issues that American Muslims deal with on a regular basis,

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