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Exclusive: Interview with 'Bethany' Director James Cullen Bressack and special guest Zack Ward

Interview by Kevin Scott

I had the privilege recently to talk with the very talented director James Cullen Bressack. He’s becoming the Cameron Crowe of Horror directors by being a wunderkind and showing mind blowing talent as a writer and director even before he could buy his own beer. I was grateful to get some insight from him, find out what inspired him, and see what’s next. Special thanks to actor/producer/writer Zack Ward for joining in on the interview.

Ks: I know that you get this a lot, but you are a really young guy. You seem so close to the golden age of VHS, with a love for such classics as “Basket Case” and the William Lustig films, yet you are a generation removed. How did you discover them?

Jcb: I got really into watching VHS stuff. My Dad had “Hellraiser” on VHS.

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