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BBC leaders' debate: play along as David Cameron!

Make like the Pm with our handy selection of stock answers to everything the other leaders throw at you at tonight’s pre-election debate

When Roy Hattersley failed to appear on Have I Got News for You in 1993, they replaced him with a tub of lard because it was “liable to give much the same performance and imbued with many of the same qualities”. Tonight’s second leaders’ debate promises (fingers crossed) to descend into similar farce given that David Cameron has decided not to take part. Where is that tub now? Perhaps it can be taken out of retirement to be a stand-in as the prime minister, along with a tub of low-fat spread as deputy prime minister Nick Clegg (who also can’t make it)? Or maybe two inflatables, like the autopilot in Airplane?

We have a better idea. Cameron won’t be there, so you can play

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