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First-Time Director Digs Deep to Trace Origins of the So-Called Gay Voice in 'Do I Sound Gay?'

Wracked with insecurity following a breakup in his 40s, journalist and first-time director David Thorpe set out to tackle the question of whether he sounded "too gay," speaking with many other gay men along the way about their own distinctive voices. The documentary, aptly titled "Do I Sound Gay?" played last weekend at the Dallas International Film Festival and opens July 10 in select theaters. Thorpe meets with speech pathologists, talks with friends and men off the street and interviews famous gay icons like Dan Savage, David Sedaris, Tim Gunn, Margaret Cho, Don Lemon and George Takei to about their struggles with sexuality, identity and the way their voices sound.  Thorpe investigates the way our society perceives men with effeminate speech, and delves deep into the history of the "gay voice," and the myriad ways it has spurred harassment and disdain. "Do I Sound Gay" follows Thorpe's process in putting his own voice back into.

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