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New Hawaii Five O Season 5,Episode 22 Official Spoiler Photos Hit The Net

Recently, CBS served up these new,official spoiler pictures for their upcoming "Hawaii Five-o" episode 22 of season 5, and they offer up new looks at what appears to be some lively stuff going on with guest stars: Jaleel White, Pauly Shore, and more. The episode is labeled, "Ho'amoano (Chasing Yesterday)." The official description for episode 22, reads like this: Five-0 Must Help Three Married Men Retrace Their Steps From A Wild Night To Find Out Who Killed The Woman Found In Their Hotel Suite. Description number 2: When a woman is found murdered in the hotel suite occupied by three married men, Five-0 will have to help the friends get over their massive hangover and retrace their steps from a wild night to find the killer. Also, Jerry will witness a woman's kidnapping on the streets of O'ahu. Episode 22 is due to air on Friday night, April 24th at 8pm central time on CBS.

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