Take A Trip To ‘Area’ 51 In This New, Chilling Trailer

Oren Peli’s follow-up to his impressive debut Paranormal Activity, Area 51, will debut in Us cinemas, and on-demand next month. The film, which revolves around a group of silly kids who decide to break into the United States’ infamous ‘Area 51′ following a boozy weekend in Las Vegas.

Area 51 is directed by Oren Peli, written by Oren Peli and Christopher Denham and produced by Jason Blum and Steven Schneider. The film follows Reid, who has always been obsessed with UFOs. While on a weekend trip to Vegas, he convinces two friends to join him on a mission to break into Area 51, where they find terrifying proof of alien presence. Starring Reid Warner, Jamel King, Ben Rovner and Jelena Nik.

The trailer for the film has just debuted, which you can see below.

Area 51 will get its limited run from Friday, May 15th in selected Us cinemas.

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