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Is it just us, or was Britain's Got Talent bonkers tonight?

Does anyone know what just happened? Britain's Got Talent possibly had one of its most bonkers episodes ever tonight, thanks to a hypnotic dog (sure), a man dressed as a nun on a motorised piano, and Simon Cowell actually being nice. What the hell was that about?

Look, Bgt has always had its odder moments, but for good portions of this episode we wondered whether we'd fallen asleep and dreamt the whole crazy thing.

Where do we begin? How about at the start, with Musical Ruth... also known as Matthew Hunt. Musical Ruth was the aforementioned male nun who drove a piano round the stage singing 'Give Me Oil In My Lamp', which we genuinely haven't heard since we were sat cross-legged in assembly 15 years ago.

Obviously, Simon buzzed immediately ("It was one of the worst acts I think I've seen on this show") but David couldn't resist a ride on the piano.

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