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Preggoland Review

There’s a sight gag at a pivotal moment in Preggoland involving a baby shower, a dog, operatic music and Jello that immediately registers as one of the more inspired comedic set-ups in recent memory. It is also one of the very few gags that transcends the film’s sitcom trappings while also finessing the outrageous and the darkly funny, two tones that Jacob Tierney’s film aims for yet routinely misses. A few months from now, when looking back at Preggoland – not to be confused with Prego, another film coming out in limited release this week – it will be the first (and likely only) scene that comes to mind.

The Canadian comedy, shot against the cloudy backdrop of suburban Vancouver, tells the story of Ruth Huxley, played by Sonja Bennett (also the film’s screenwriter). Ruth has a low-paying job as a grocery store clerk but no boyfriend, something

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