New Bones Season 10,Episode 19 Official Spoilers,Description Revealed By Fox

Recently, Fox delivered the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "Bones" season finale episode 19 of season 10. The episode is entitled, "The Murder in the Middle East," and it turns out that we're going to see some pretty intense and dramatic stuff as the Jeffersonian squad is caught up in a race against time to expose a vicious murderer, and more! In the new, 19th episode press release: The Son Of An Iranian Parliament Member Is Murdered. Press release number 2: When a powerful member of the Iranian parliament kidnaps Arastoo (guest star Pej Vahdat) to have him aid in a murder case, Booth and Cam are going to head to Iran, and the rest of the Jeffersonian team will have to race against the clock to help expose the killer. In the meantime, Brennan is going to learn the truth about Booth's growing gambling habit, and she will turn

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