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Drive-In Dust Offs: The Children

The Children deals with the disintegration of the family unit, and the decay of modern society. Just kidding! The Children is about radioactive kids who like to give hugs and burn people up real good. Some horror films do have subtext, with layers peeled back to reveal inner truths about ourselves and the world. And some horror films are content to just show children having their hands cut off with a samurai sword.

Released in June of 1980, The Children was actually quite a success for a low budget film – according to Producer Carlton J. Albright (Luther The Geek) it earned $8 million dollars within its first year, playing to theaters and drive-ins alike. Not too shabby for a truly bizarre, high concept scare fest.

Okay, here we go: Two workers at a nuclear plant get a reading that there’s a malfunction. After a quick glance around the facility, and spent

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