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No One Over 22 Is Left Alive In New Trailer For Netflix’s Between

Unlike House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Daredevil and Bloodline, Netflix isn’t making much of a promotional push for its upcoming series Between. Perhaps that’s because it’s a co-production with Canadian networks, which means it’ll be un-bingeable, diverging from the Netflix model by launching on May 21 and releasing a new episode weekly. Let the impatient viewer rioting commence.

A survivalist thriller set in the small town of Pretty Lake, Between kicks off as a mysterious plague kills off every resident of the town over the age of 21. The government quarantines the town, leading to a power vaccum and struggle for dominance as the teens go to war with one another in order to stay alive. Think Lord of the Flies with moody, disinterested youth.

It’s a very similar premise to Michael Grant’s bestselling Gone series, which Sony Pictures Television is planning to adapt for the small screen,

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