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Scott plans Power Without Glory remake

The ABC's 1970s crime and political corruption drama Power Without Glory based on Frank Hardy.s classic 1950 novel is to get a remake.

Producer Jane Scott and screenwriter Jan Sardi have optioned the TV rights from Hardy.s estate and the screenplay will be written by Sardi and Mac Gudgeon.

Oscar Whitbread produced the 26-episode series which aired in 1976 and starred Martin Vaughan as John West, Heather Canning, Irene Inescort, Rosalind Speirs and George Mallaby.

Scott is shopping the project, envisioned as two series each of six episodes, to Australian and international networks and distributors. No director is aboard yet.

A fictionalised version of the life of Melbourne businessman and Alp power-broker John Wren, the plot followed rise of John West from his poverty stricken beginnings in the slums of Melbourne ín the late 19th century to one of the most powerful and corrupt men in the land. The primary

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