Why Chris Pratt Is Afraid to Run Into Kim Kardashian

Chris Pratt may be able to kick some serious ass in his movies, but there's one celeb who he's afraid to see ... Kim Kardashian! The "Jurassic Park" star covers the June issue of GQ, where he talks about his embarrassing past with the reality star. In 2009's "Deep in the Valley," the hunky leading man had a scene with a then-unknown Kim, who played a porn-world bouncer. "She'd never really done an acting gig before," he says. "She was so fu*king sweet, and she was nervous." But he's since gone out of his way to avoid the reality TV star. While filming an episode of "Parks and Recreation," the actor ad-libbed a joke about her that he knew would never go in the show because it was too explicit. "It was a very, very funny joke," he admits. But it was also one he immediately thought shouldn't be heard in public.

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