Juno Co-Stars Ellen Page And Allison Janney Reunite For Tallulah

Though there is always the chance that disappointment could once again rear its ugly head, it is difficult not to wonder whether the discussion around the topic of women in film has brought the issue to some kind of tipping point – a moment where perhaps conversation and rhetoric might finally give way to concrete action and results.

At the present time, the feminism-heavy Mad Max: Fury Road is engaged in a box-office tug of war with the female driven, female-directed Pitch Perfect 2. In addition, the female-driven movie Carol has taken the Cannes Film Festival by storm, as has the female-led Sicario, by Denis Villeneuve. These are films that actively centre on women, and are stories that occur outside of any comic book realm, or cohesive cinematic universe. Industry observers might be forgiven for thinking that this is just another passing phase, and that the discriminatory status quo will ultimately hold firm – but then,

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