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SIFF2015: Twisted ‘Circle’ is an irresistible thought experiment


Written & Directed by Aaron Hann & Mario Miscione

USA, 2015

Society loves a good label. After all, labels allow us to judge people without the hassle of actually talking to them. But what if these superficial judgements were a matter of life and death? That’s the question posed by the fascinating new psychological thriller, Circle. Writer-directors Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione mix satire, horror, and science fiction into an irresistible social experiment that puts all of us under the microscope. Relentless and gripping, Circle is a battle royal for “civilized” society.

Fifty strangers awaken to find themselves standing inside a circle.

They cannot move.

They cannot touch each other.

And every two minutes, one of them will die.

These are the rules established by the fiendishly clever Circle. What is administering the seemingly random death beam from the center of the circle is not important. All that matters is that

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