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Terry Sue-Patt obituary

Actor who made his name in the BBC school drama Grange Hill

As a child actor, Terry Sue-Patt, who has died aged 50, secured a place in television history playing Benny Green, the first pupil seen walking through the gates in the long-running children’s school drama Grange Hill. The serial, created by Phil Redmond and set in a London comprehensive, was groundbreaking in presenting to a young audience stories of teenage pregnancy, drug-taking, Aids and bullying. It courted controversy with such social realism and was one of the most significant children’s programmes to be screened in Britain.

Benny was one of the pupils from a variety of backgrounds whose lives were sensitively introduced to viewers in the early episodes. The shy, football-mad West Indian boy was immediately in trouble on the first day for kicking his ball against a wall, and enjoyed getting into mischief with his best friend,

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