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Vicious: McKellen, Jacobi and De la Tour - how the mighty have fallen

The ITV comedy consigns some of our most famous thespians to 70s sitcom purgatory – a very cruel fate indeed

If the general chatter’s right, old-school British sitcoms are a small point of national pride, a sort of showcase for the type of humour that’s damp from a mist off the Channel and wrinkled where the grandeur has deflated. Be honest, though – when was the last time you fired up the George And Mildred or Are You Being Served? box set? “Hmm, you know what I fancy over, say, the entire HBO output I have at my fingertips? A six-hour marathon of sitcom japes, most of which will be spent in queasy anticipation of someone casually dropping a racial epithet while Mrs Slocombe makes a face like an Estée Lauder Medusa at a young Pauline Fowler” isn’t a phrase being repeated up and down the country, I don’t think.

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