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‘Mercenary: Absolution’ VOD Review

Stars: Steven Seagal, Byron Mann, Vinnie Jones, Howard Dell, Adina Stetcu, Josh Barnett, Maria Bata, Dominte Cosmin, Sergiu Costache, George Remes | Written by Keoni Waxman, Richard Beattie | Directed by Keoni Waxman

Mercenary: Absolution is the latest direct to market offering from action superstar Steven Seagal and marks the sixth time Seagal has worked with director/producer Keoni Waxman, previous films including Force of Execution, A Dangerous Man as well as the fantastic Maximum Conviction. Waxman also helmed a number of episodes of Seagal’s TV show, True Justice (released here in the UK as a series of direct to DVD “movies” starting with Deadly Crossing).

This time round Seagal stars as contract killer John Alexander (not to be confused with contract killer/mercenary John Seeger from Seagal’s 2006 offering Mercenary For Justice) who – after fulfilling his latest mission to take out an arms dealer – encounters a girl on the run

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