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"To Write Love On Her Arms" Is To Take Her At Face Value

All this is for me?

Renee (Kat Dennings) is an imaginative and special person with a couple of very close friends Dylan (Mark Saul) and Jessie (Juliana Harkavy). She's been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and is barely managing her demons when a terrible incident leads her into a two year vicious death spiral of addiction, abuse, and self harm. When things hit rock bottom in Daytona, Renee gets back in touch with Dylan and Jessie. This leads her to Dylan's boss, David McKenna (Rupert Friend), who is a recovering addict and alcoholic. Together, they try to get Renee into rehab, but they won't take her until she detoxes. So, for the next five days, Dylan, Jessie, David, and his friend Jamie help her stay clean.


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