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Watch: 'Do I Sound Gay?' Trailer Explores Meaning in Voice

Read More: Sundance Selects Picks Up Doc NYC Opener 'Do I Sound Gay?' David Thorpe's "Do I Sound Gay?," which started out as a personal project and grew into a feature-length documentary, opened Doc NYC after screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. This trailer, ahead of its theatrical release on July 10, explores the implications of the stereotype of "the gay voice."  The documentary addresses the self-consciousness often associated with voice, and further discusses distinctive vocal sounds and their cultural roots. An exciting and intriguing venture in self-discovery and identity through interviews and talks with scientists and speech pathologists, "Do I Sound Gay?" explores a familiar cultural phenomenon in a personal way. The film also features Margaret Cho, Dan Savage, David Sedaris, Tim Gunn, Don Lemon, and George Takei.  Read More: First-Time Director Digs Deep to Trace Origins of the So-Called Gay Voice in 'Do...

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