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Ukraine bans 'Under Electric Clouds'

Alexey German Jr.’s Under Electric Clouds has become the first high-profile title to fall victim to Ukraine’s new distribution ban on Russian films and TV series, which came into effect last week.

One law entitled ¨On the Protection of the Information, TV and Radio Space of Ukraine¨ forbids all audiovisual works that contain the ¨popularization, agitation for, propagation about all law enforcement agencies, the armed forces, and other armed, military or security forces of the occupier state¨ from being shown on Ukrainian territory.

In addition, a law banning the distribution and showing of films and TV series produced in Russia after January 1, 2014, came into force at the same time, according to Unian Information Agency.

The ban coincided with the film’s theatrical opening by distributor Paradis in Russian cinemas and was all the more surprising given that German’s film was made as a co-production between Russia, Ukraine and Poland between Artem Vasiliev’s Metrafilm

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