Emraan Hashmi's Adhuri filming!

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Hashmi's Adhuri filming!

This is epic. Not jumping on to Balan's lips must have been a frustrating time for Emraan Hashmi in Hak. It's his haq, you see, of smooching every heroine he is paired up with. In a few films he has also flaunted this 'license' he has been supposedly given by over-enthusiastic directors and ever-willing heroines with some cheesy lines. Every time in Hak, he has gotten dangerously close to Vidya Balan's lips, and then like a good boy, gone for a traditional hug.

Surely, he must be feeling that this was adhuri shooting.

Balan is big when it comes to lip-locks

Speaking of Vidya Balan, she is not averse to kissing, or is in anyway a bad kisser.

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