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Dragons: Race To The Edge: 15 Things to Know about the New Netflix Series

Available today on Netflix, a new 13-episode journey takes How to Train Your Dragon fans on another adventure with Hiccup, Toothless, and the dragon riders of Berk. Set between the first and second film, Dragons: Race to the Edge follows Hiccup and Co. after they discover a mysterious and powerful relic known as the Dragon Eye, which leads them to uncharted territories and undiscovered dragons. I recently had the opportunity to visit the DreamWorks campus and screen the first two episodes of the series. Executive Producers Doug Sloan and Art Brown and all the fantastic talented members of the crew have successfully crafted an extension of the How to Train Your Dragon world that feels right at home alongside the movie franchise, while existing with an independent identity. Much like the films, the series is rooted in the classic coming-of-age tale and the journey of growing up, as hiccup's

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