Danny Collins – The Blu Review

Mary Sinclair: “I’m sorry, are you on drugs?”

Danny Collins: “Currently or in general?”

In Danny Collins, Al Pacino plays an aging rock star named Danny Collins, a mix of Neil Diamond and Rod Stewart. He’s led a life of drugs, booze, and women but has failed to produce any new music in three decades. He still plays to sold out arenas, performing the same old schlock to the young and old and spends his nights snorting cocaine, drinking anything with alcohol in it, and having sex with his much-younger live-in girlfriend. The story in Danny Collins kicks in when a lost letter to Danny from John Lennon, written decades earlier, belatedly arrives, inspiring Danny to connect with a son (Bobby Canavale) he’s never met.

When Jim Batts reviewed Danny Collins here at We Are Movie Geeks in April he wrote: “Al Pacino has a

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