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Interview with Filmmaker Reyna Young

By Jonathan Weichsel

I recently got to ask Filmmaker Reyna Young a few questions about her new film Forgotten Tales. You can read our conversation below.

Jw- What made you decide to make a horror anthology film as opposed to a narrative feature?

Ry- I've always had an anthology film in the back of my mind and wanted to make it a reality. I wrote my first comic issue of Forgotten Tales, Audition, years ago for Scattered Comics in Sacramento, and I will have a comic coming out based on the film and cannot wait for that. But I've always loved Creepshow and wanted to do my own anthology.

Jw- In Forgotten Tales there is a ghost story, a home invasion story, and a stalker story. Do you like to watch all different kinds of horror? What are some of your favorite kinds of horror to watch? What

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