Testament Of Youth – The Review

Well, looks like it’s time to take another break from the Summer movie multiplex mayhem and settle in for something a tad more staid and much more somber. Like last May’s Far From The Madding Crowd, this new release feels closer to an “end of the year” award and critics’ ten best contender. Like that earlier film, we’re back across the pond amongst the “veddy, veddy” British, plus it’s also based on a revered piece of literature. The time period is taken up about 50 years, so the horse-drawn carriages have given away to motorized vehicles (and lots and lots of trains). The big change is that this one doesn’t spring from the imagination of a writer, such as Mr. Hardy. Everything really happened to these very real people chronicled in an acclaimed memoir. Happily, like Far, this new work balances rising young stars of cinema

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