True Detective Season 2 Recap: “Down Will Come”

Recovering from the utter madness of Comic-Con 2015, which this writer just returned to some 11 hours ago, made the uptick in potent, rousing moments in True Detective Season 2’s fourth episode all the more disorienting. “Down Will Come” ends with the sort of visceral, bloody tragedy that actually matches Season 2’s lugubrious tone, whereas the rest of the season thus far (including a large amount of this episode) has simply felt portentous. The attempted taking of Ledo Amarilla (Cesar Garcia), the first strong suspect in the murder of Vinci’s city manager, ends with dozens of casualties, as well as the death of Detective Dixon (W. Earl Brown), one of this season’s more intriguing characters; that’s not even mentioning that the extended shoot-out ends with the shooting of Amarilla himself. Credit the talented television director Jeremy Podeswa, a veteran of Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, for giving the

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