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Open Sesame: The X-Files Season 1’s Mythology

Approximately four months ago, X-Files fans everywhere collectively freaked out as Fox announced its plan for a six-episode revival of the series, more than a decade after the show had ended. An actual UFO sighting could doubtfully cause such an effect from hardcore aficionados who have drooled over Mulder’s deadpan dark humor and Scully’s magnificent eye rolls for years. Then on July 7, Fox released a trailer for the re-airing of the series and called for an X-Files marathon challenge where participants watch an episode per day, as the revival was only 201 days away. Sound on Sight will be joining in the nostalgic fun, posting weekly articles on each season’s mythology, standalone titles, character development, and finally, a spotlight on a favorite episode.

Created by Chris Carter, the first episode of The X-Files aired on September 10, 1993. For each season, we will be dividing titles into those that follow

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