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Love Island ends: What we loved about the show and why we want more

Love Island won't be Love Island without original love god Lee Sharpe and accidental comedian Paul Danan... were our first thoughts as the return of the decade-old dating show was announced.

But we were wrong. So very wrong.

Love Island 2015: Did Max and Jess deserve to win?

For six solid weeks, we were hooked on the tears and drama as romantic relationships formed and drastically unravelled. We cringed (and sniggered) at the unashamed sexual antics, the accompanying sound effects and dodgy post-coital lines - "my vagina feels like it's just been hit by a train" - which often took place unapologetically in the communal bedroom.

How we were entertained as desperate contestants attempted to couple up with anybody available just to stay on the show. What car crash television gold we were delivered when producers decided to bring in a contestant's spurned and bitter ex.

We saw grown men

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