Comics to Read Before You Die #27: Fantastic Four “The Trial of Reed Richards”

In the latest edition of Comics to Read Before You Die, Jessie Robertson looks at Fantastic Four “The Trial of Reed Richards”…

Found in Fantastic Four: Visionaries Vol. 4 (or Fantastic Four #262) January 1984

Glynis Oliver Wein- Colorist

Jim Shooter- Editor

Michael Higgins- Editor

Jim Novak- Letterer

John Byrne- inker, penciler

“The Trial of Reed Richards” is a morality tale, told on the grandest scale; sometimes you might hear it referred to as the Trial of Galactus, even though Reed is on the one on trial. Here’s the dilemma: Galactus was dying and discovered by Reed Richards, a pacifist and scientist. Knowing the enormity of Galactus’ presence, and being a dying life form, Reed saved it’s life. Some time later, Galactus wiped out the home planet of the Skrulls, a vicious and vile alien race. Richards is seized and put on trial for the murder and

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