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Fantasia 2015 Review: Slumlord Worms Its Way Into Your Crevices

Fantasia International Film Festival 2015 runs 7/14-8/4. Follow our coverage here. Are you at reading this at home? Are you comfortably tucked into your bed or maybe reclined in the bath? I don’t want to alarm you, but there’s a chance you’re being watched. Surveillance cameras have gotten smaller, cheaper and more effective over the years, and there’s a chance — especially if you’re renting a house or apartment — that someone is spying on you right now. And if movies about peeping toms have taught us anything that creepy guy watching you on the screen is probably masturbating angrily too. Sorry. Onscreen text tells us 8000 people were spied on in their home last year without their knowledge, and this (purported) fact acts as an introduction to Gerald (Neville Archambault). Balding, bespectacled and profusely sweaty, he buys several tiny cameras and proceeds to install them in an attractive house. Ryan

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