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Falling Skies season 5 episode 4 review: Pope Breaks Bad

Falling Skies felt like wheel-spin this week, but its portrayal of war continues to impress. Here's Ron's review...

This review contain spoilers.

5.4 Pope Breaks Bad

It seems that the characters on Falling Skies have had a hard time adjusting to the world of war. They've been fighting for three years, and admirably, they haven't stopped fighting. That's one of the reasons Cochise and the other Volm are impressed by the inferior but troublesome race of man-animals using primitive gunpowder weapons to bring down Espheni. Of course, not all humans have the power of positive thinking best demonstrated by the Mason family. Some humans find themselves damaged by the war, haunted by those that have been lost (or those yet to be lost), becoming tired and hungry and traumatized. Some humans are ready to turn on their own kind.

The weak link in the Second Mass is, as always, John Pope.

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