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Off The Shelf – Episode 57 – Home Video News & New Releases For July 2015

This week on Off The Shelf, Ryan is joined by Brian Saur to take a look at the new DVD and Blu-ray releases for the week of June 23rd, 2015, and chat about some follow-up and home video news.

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Episode Links & Notes Follow-up Comic Con News Don Hertzfeldt Blu-ray Kickstarter Arrow Films: October releases Shout / Scream Factory: Comic Con announcements Kino: Epic Of Everest WB: Mad Max Fury Road Universal: Restored Spartacus Fox: August releases Disney: Mr. Boogedy & Bride of Boogedy coming to Dmc DVD (& on Amazon Instant now) Twilight Time: new website Sony: Christine Blu-ray Over The Garden Wall on DVD New Releases

July 7th

Beyond Zero: 1914–1918 Cell, The Contamination The Killers Maggie Ned Kelly Pit Stop Robot Jox Roller Boogie Truck Turner Virtuosity

July 14th

Adventures of Captain Fabian All Quiet On The Western Front The Andromeda Strain Baby It’s You

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