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All The Songs In 'Paper Towns' Including Bon Iver, Wilco, Vampire Weekend, Bob Dylan, And More

We may not have enjoyed our time visiting “Paper Towns” – read our review here – but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the film’s soundtrack. While we’ve already discussed the official soundtrack release, now that the film is out, check out all the music. Director Jake Schreier and music supervisor Season Kent were able to fill the one hour and fifty-three minute long movie with twenty odd tracks. Some of the bands and artists used in the final film but left off of the official soundtrack release were, Bob Dylan, Bon Iver and the collaboration of Billy Bragg & Wilco. “Paper Towns” is out now in a theater near you and the official soundtrack is available at all retailers. Check out the full list used in the John Green-adaptation, below. Swingin Party - Kindness Moments - De Lux Must Be Santa - Bob Dylan Taxi Cab -

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