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Deutschland 83, Ep. 1.06: “Brandy Station” lets Alexander in on the action

Deutschland 83, Season 1, Episode 6, “Brandy Station”

Written by Ralph Martin and Anna Winger

Directed by Samira Radsi

Airs Wednesdays at 11pm (Et) on SundanceTV

After focusing almost entirely on Martin—and the enormously appealing Jonas Nay—in its earliest episodes, Deutschland 83 has slowly widened its frame to include a larger mix of characters. Last week’s “Cold Fire,” while still centering on Martin’s return back to the West, spent considerable time exploring the stories of Alexander, Annett, and even Ursula Edel. Now comes “Brandy Station,” which brings Alexander to the forefront and feels like the first true ensemble episode of the series.

But first there is Martin. Still recovering from his kidney surgery, he receives a visit from Annett, whom he now knows is pregnant with his child. Any hope viewers had of a heartfelt reunion between the two young lovers is quickly squelched. Martin wants to remain

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