She Who Must Burn is Tied to the Stake at Fantasia: A Preview

Provocative director Larry Kent is set to show his indie horror film, She Who Must Burn, at Fantasia (Montreal, QC). The film tackles both sides of abortion, in a bloody fashion. The film was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. And, She Who Must Burn stars Sarah Smyth (Alien Trespass), Jewel Staite and Andrew Dunbar. A preview of the film's upcoming showing is hosted here. For more on the story, Angela (Smyth) is running a health care practice, in her home. Her abortion services do not sit well with activists. Soon, she is being targeted by a trio of anti-abortionists, who show true religious zeal. Now, Angela must wonder if her macabre practices have murderous consequences. A trailer for the film was released last year. The clip shows even more of the narrative as Angela is chased across the screen. Strange characters appear and local authorities appear overly trigger-happy. All of

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