9 burning Humans questions you were afraid to ask

Bringing to a close eight weeks of scintillating sci-fi goodness, Humans wrapped up a stellar first series on Channel 4 last night - but that finale left us with as many questions as answers.

If you're anything like us, here are a few questions you might still have - about the fictional world of Humans, and the show's origins and inspirations.

1. So wait... what happened at the end?

Confused by those final scenes? Here's a brief rundown of what went down in the Humans finale...

Elster's children - with the help of Karen (Ruth Bradley) - succeeded in unlocking the secret to Synth consciousness, but before they could decide what to do with it, Niska (Emily Berrington) deleted the code from Mattie's laptop - storing what appeared to be the only copy on a flash drive.

In what appeared to be a big move towards establishing peaceful human/Synth relations,

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